Modiba Music Works helps sculpt the musical identity of a project. From conception through distribution, we scout, select and secure the rights to a soundtrack. Typically using the soundmix date as deadline, we scale our services to fit a project’s needs and timeline. The following is an example of services offered to a film with a full range of musical requirements, while some projects will only require a few items from the below list:


+ Review script for scripted musical moments
+ Plot out “anchor cues” -- budgetary and thematic priority tracks that will need to be cleared
+ Retrieve quotes for scripted musical moments prior to filming
+ Draft music budget with Director, Producer and/or Executive Producer


+ Outline musical themes with Director, Producer and/or Editor
+ Compile pre-cleared tracks at rates and terms that will suit the budget, distribution requirements and musical identity
+ Scout composers for original score
+ Draft and coordinate signature of Composer Agreement


+ Deliver pre-cleared tracks to Editor to use in editing process
+ Work with Editor and Director to find replacements for temp tracks
+ Coordinate recording of original score with Composer
+ Offer creative notes on the score with attention to thematic consistency and commercial viability


+ Draft and coordinate signature of Master and Synchronization licenses for pre-cleared music
+ Retrieve quotes and clear or replace temp tracks that remain in the final cut

Soundmix Deadline:

+ Retain and keep safe a fully executed copy of each license.  This will be one of the deliverables requested by a distributor.

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